October Learning

The move to Distance Learning has become more comfortable for the students and we are covering content at a greater pace. We are working with multiplication and division, experimenting with different types of conjunctions and completed our unit on folktales and fairytales. We filmed a video (here) that will be part of Nevada’s Literacy Conference and before starting our fall break, did a directed draw.

Ending the Year with a lot of Fun and Learning

We packed a lot into our last week of school in 2016. We had our classroom holiday celebration, auction, white elephant book exchange, Polar Express presentation, beeswax candle making, and we even found time to watch a movie. All of the aforementioned did not get in the way of making sure we also learned a lot including more work with fractions, a careful study of theme and point of view, and a project based learning task in which students constructed their own Maker Space.

What we were able to accomplish in 2016 proved pretty amazing and I look forward to what we do in 2017.

Fall’s Hard Work Culminates in Auction

After paying rent, we had our second auction of the school year. It continues to impress me that international companies are so generous with our community. Although they don’t know me, and in most cases have no ties to Reno, they see value in promoting financial literacy in our elementary school classrooms.

Donations to the Classroom Economy

Throughout the school year students will have opportunities to spend their money on items donated to the class. The number of things donated continues to grow and I cannot overstate how impressed I am when a company is willing to contribute to the culture of the classroom.

Our first auction will likely be in October after students have paid rent for use of their desks in September.


IMG_3294 (1)

Welcome to Room 360!

Welcome. This site will serve as launching pad for the work of Room 360. There is not much here now, but as we move through the school year, we will be adding your ideas and things you have created.

Take some time to look through the website. I will be sending you postcards and emails with login information so you can get a head start on 5th grade. While you wait, explore.

Parents, use the parent tab to locate information that will help your child be successful in 5th grade and in Room 360. I will be adding materials and links over the summer and through the school year.