Halloween 2017: The Learning

Today we started our work with fractions. Although it was Halloween, we made it through the lesson with kids partitioning, finding equivalence and using number lines to compare. The kids also shared their Pro/Con writing and reviewed work around early explorers.

Halloween 2017: The Celebration

Thank you to all the parents who helped put together our celebration. Having multiple stations kept everyone engaged and having a great time. (You have set the bar high for our Holiday Celebration!)  

Learning how clocks measure the Sun’s movement

Today we learned how to build a sun dial and measure the Sun’s apparent movement. The study began with learning about why people needed to measure time and how Egyptians, measuring the number of finger segments in two hands settled on 24 hours in a day. If you don’t know how the Egyptians did this,…

A Visit from NevadaTeach

Today we got a visit from University of Nevada Reno students and the NevadaTeach program. It was a chance to work with engineering standards and learn to use the Richter scale by modeling earthquakes. The NevadaTeach program is a great way of getting science and math students into Washoe’s classrooms.

A Game of Catch via Socratic Seminar

Today we did a Socratic Seminar with Richard Wibur’s A Game of Catch. This is a particularly difficult text that requires some time to fully understand and comprehend. Although the story is pretty straight forward, the subtext or hidden message, takes some effort to get to. To the credit of the students, they got there. They…