Meet the Masters, Session 1

Today Gomm parents volunteered their time to facilitate art learning and creation for all of the students in 5th grade. The session started with some history about artist M.C. Escher followed by a chance for children to create their own tessellation pieces–based on Escher’s work.

Room360’s Second Brown Bag Lunch

Thank you to all the families who visited us for lunch today. Apart from sharing a meal, we also explored blended learning through adaptive technology, 21st Century communication, and “gamification.”

Reinforcing STEM Concepts

Today we continued to work with the ideas of concentration, dilution and volume. To help with this, we created an experiment in which students manipulated solutions to determine the effects on volume and mass. Ultimately, this experiment not only built greater understanding with the Next Generation Science Standards but also proved a terrific introduction to volume.

An Exercise in Mixing Mediums

Today we got another visit from art teacher Joy Brackney. Mrs. Brackney shared with the students how to mix mediums with a Halloween themed piece of art.

Starting our Google Classroom

Today we set-up our Google Classroom. Our first project involved using Google Docs to help us with taking our draft pieces of writing through the writing process and into publishing. Google Classroom also helped us with greater classroom flexibility and differentiation. Students all have secure usernames and passwords and can continue working on their writing at any…

Field Trip to the 2nd Judicial District Court

Today we visited the 2nd Judicial District Court to put on a mock trial. This was followed by learning more about the work of a court, information about jails and prisons, and a chance to “meet an inmate.” The day included a lot of learning and a lot of fun. This was best exemplified by…

Author’s Chair

Today we shared some of our writing during Author’s Chair. Over the last six weeks, we have been putting an emphasis on clearly establishing a situation/topic/problem with a strong introduction, well-sequenced events, and a satisfying conclusion. The Author’s Chair is an opportunity to share writing and receive positive feedback from classmates.