B.B.Wolf Wins: Our Visit to Judge Pearson’s Courtroom

Thank you to all the families who were able to join us for Kids Court. The day involved meeting Judge Scott Pearson, putting on a mock trial, and learning more about the Washoe County jails and judicial process.

Certainly, the highlight was the trial and ultimately B.B. Wolf was awarded the $3100 in damages he was seeking.



Field Trip to the 2nd Judicial District Court

Today we visited the 2nd Judicial District Court to put on a mock trial. This was followed by learning more about the work of a court, information about jails and prisons, and a chance to “meet an inmate.”

The day included a lot of learning and a lot of fun. This was best exemplified by the cased we tried and adjudicated. Ultimately, the students found Curly Pig liable for damages in the case brought by B.B. Wolf.



Keep It or Junk It–A Discussion Strategy

Today the students used the strategy “Keep It or Junk It” to help us get ready for Kids Court and our Mock Trial. The Keep It or Junk It strategy has students working in small groups to identify key vocabulary from a text. This is followed by students working as a class to negotiate what the key vocabulary is and why. Words that are important are kept while words that are not, are junked.

The list of words will be used for writing an argumentative essay.