Computer Science Activities

Today we did a little more work with the computer science standards. We used Makey Makeys to help us get ready for Scratch coding. We used Spheros to help reinforce our understanding of block coding.

The Nevada Computer Science standards are relatively new as is having all students take at least a 1/2 credit of computer science when they get to high school. We’ll continue to explore these outcomes to better prepare the students for what is next in their academic careers.

Enchanted Lands

We completed our Enchanted Lands project this week and the final pieces are terrific. We first explored the idea of background, midground, and foreground through classic pieces of art. Then we played a game in which students drew images matched to magical elements, they identified.

Their understanding was then leveraged to create art that included painting a setting and collaging. (Incidentally, thanks for all of the magazines!)