Art in the Classroom!

A post describing an art lesson shouldn’t be that interesting. Instead, it is. This is because it was the first time, all year, that I have had an opportunity to teach in person to my distance learning students. It was great to see them and their final pieces turned out great.

Near and Far

For this lesson, students selected a building they have visited or wanted to visit one day. To do this, they used Google Maps and the Street View. After drawing their building and adding details, they mixed colors to create a mood in the background. This was followed by selecting and applying analogous and complimentary colors…

Enchanted Lands

We completed our Enchanted Lands project this week and the final pieces are terrific. We first explored the idea of background, midground, and foreground through classic pieces of art. Then we played a game in which students drew images matched to magical elements, they identified. Their understanding was then leveraged to create art that included…

Sierra Watercolor Society Visit

The class was quite fortunate in being selected for a visit by the Sierra Watercolor Society. This is a group that helps students understand watercolor technique and color theory before having the students compose their own watercolor piece. This was a nice experience and it was great that our classroom got to participate.

Composing an Enchanted Land

Students finished their Enchanted Lands following several days making careful observation of art by Albert Bierstadt, Erik Johansson, and Salvador Dali; learning about foreground, mid-ground, and background; studying setting and magical elements; and how to use paint and collage to build out their piece of art.      

Masterpiece Art for February

One of the great things about Roy Gomm is the consistent exposure to the arts that students receive. In part, the Masterpiece Art program, led by parent volunteers, aids this. This week parents led students through an exploration of work by Wassily Kandinsky.  The finished art will be displayed in the Gomm multipurpose room.

Zooming In

Today we completed a Zoom In. In this case we took a careful look at Edward Hicks’ Peaceable Kingdom. This is an instructional strategy first introduced to me by Angela Orr which she describes as follows: The Zoom-In Strategy is an excellent way for you to have students participate in document analysis in a new way….

Ending the Year with a lot of Fun and Learning

We packed a lot into our last week of school in 2016. We had our classroom holiday celebration, auction, white elephant book exchange, Polar Express presentation, beeswax candle making, and we even found time to watch a movie. All of the aforementioned did not get in the way of making sure we also learned a…

This Month’s Art Lesson: Holiday Ornaments

Today students created holiday ornaments during their art lesson. Several different techniques were employed simultaneously and the final product looks great. Students will take these home next week to share.  

Meet the Masters, Session 1

Today Gomm parents volunteered their time to facilitate art learning and creation for all of the students in 5th grade. The session started with some history about artist M.C. Escher followed by a chance for children to create their own tessellation pieces–based on Escher’s work.