The Pillow Making Tradition

Great to have the fourth grade distance learning students in the building to make pillows. Although this is a third grade tradition at Gomm, they missed it last spring because of Covid. So we spent the morning offline, in person, to make pillows and reacquaint ourselves with the playground.

Art in the Classroom!

A post describing an art lesson shouldn’t be that interesting. Instead, it is. This is because it was the first time, all year, that I have had an opportunity to teach in person to my distance learning students. It was great to see them and their final pieces turned out great.

Our Learning Before Break

It is pretty astonishing what the students can do online. With Zoom’s breakout rooms, Classkick, and the student’s attention to digital citizenship, we are able to create blended experiences that allow for a lot of learning. We even got a visit from Trustee Thigpen and our Area Superintendent, Jeanna Curtis.

Spreading Kindness

Local artist, Emily Reid, visited the classroom today and the led the students in a card making activity. The theme of the activity was kindness and Ms. Reid helped students create cards with their own unique and artistic flare. Thank you Ms. Reid for donating your time and sharing a terrific lesson with the students….

Charging Ahead with DL

Describing what the students are able to do online is difficult, but here is my best shot at it. We have managed to keep or exceed the district pace in ELA and math. This is not insignificant, especially with a lot of the learning being done offline, while I meeting with small groups or conferring….

Engineering Through a Screen

This week we made JetToys. Using materials supplied by Tesla, students constructed vehicles powered by balloons. Over the next couple of weeks, they will use their vehicles to learn more about force and motion.

December Distance Learning

One of the most remarkable pieces our distance learning experience, is that we are keeping pace with our brick-and-mortar peers. This has only been possible because of the hard work of the students. Below, examples of what we have been up to.

Holiday Celebration 2020

Although we had to do it from a distance, the students still got to celebrate. Thanks to our parent volunteers and a middle school sibling, we got to complete a scavenger hunt, make a holiday craft, and share gifts via Secret Santa. Thanks to all those involved in making the day feel special.

Highlights from November 2020

We certainly found a groove with distance learning, with the images below supplying the evidence. We continue to explore what is possible in this format, and I am so appreciative of the students and families for their willingness to be part of this effort.

Halloween, and a Week of Learning

Thank you the parents and siblings who helped put together a pretty terrific Distance Learning Halloween experience. The Halloween celebration came at the end of a unit of learning that had some students moving from multi-digit multiplication to multi-digit division and other students learning to multiply fractions. We continued to write multi-paragraph papers and we…