Our Study of the American Revolution Begins

Today we started our study of the American Revolution. The big idea for students to grasp, after working through 17 units, is that disagreements about principles of government led colonists to seek independence from Great Britain. Students will be introduced to important battles, historical figures, and writings so they know what values were at the heart of…

This Month’s Art Lesson: Holiday Ornaments

Today students created holiday ornaments during their art lesson. Several different techniques were employed simultaneously and the final product looks great. Students will take these home next week to share.  

Meet the Masters, Session 1

Today Gomm parents volunteered their time to facilitate art learning and creation for all of the students in 5th grade. The session started with some history about artist M.C. Escher followed by a chance for children to create their own tessellation pieces–based on Escher’s work.

Author’s Chair

Today we shared some of our writing during Author’s Chair. Over the last six weeks, we have been putting an emphasis on clearly establishing a situation/topic/problem with a strong introduction, well-sequenced events, and a satisfying conclusion. The Author’s Chair is an opportunity to share writing and receive positive feedback from classmates.

Yes, We Write in Math

From time-to-time, students will complete a Math Write. This is a chance for students to share their math thinking and support a claim using the vocabulary of math. The focus has been on place value, the addition and subtraction of decimals and soon the multiplication of whole numbers.