Holiday Gift Exchange 2019

Students brought in favorite wrapped board games for our holiday gift exchange. There were two twists. The first was that we incorporated the White Elephant idea in which games could be “stolen.” The second was that at the end of the exchange, students taught each other how to play the game they had shared for…

3 Great Days of Productive Learning

At the beginning of the week, I reminded the students that we would maximize our instructional time until our Holiday Celebration on Wednesday, at 2:30. That is exactly what they did. We covered a lot with explorations of unit fractions, adaptations, work on syntax, and fluency practice via Readers Theater. We gamified content with Quizizz…

Holiday Celebration, 2019

Thank you parents for all of your help in creating a really nice Holiday Celebration for the kids. Things ran really smoothly and it great that the kids will have two terrific keepsakes going forward.  

Spring Break ’19

A quick glimpse as to what we’ve been up to over break. Thanks parents for sharing!        

The White Elephant Game Exchange

Great fun! The students brought in wrapped board and card games for our white elephant gift exchange. Following the exhange, peers taught each other how to play the games.

Holiday Celebration, 2018

We had a great time with our 2018 holiday celebration. Our classroom Room Parents created an experience that kept the kids engaged for well over an hour with a Christmas themed relay race, an elf ornament, spiced orange pomander balls creation station, and a snowman wrap race. This was followed by lunch. Thanks to all…

December Around the World

The theme of this year’s music program was December Around the World. Apart from two performances, students also had time to partition wholes into equal parts, learn about Loki’s punishment from the Viking Gods, and study compound sentences. We even played a little XBox at recess.

Creating Mother’s Day Gifts

Former Washoe County School District teacher Paige Ernst helped us with our Mother’s Day gifts this year. It proved a great experience and we hope everyone likes the final product. Happy Mother’s Day!